It will take you a lot less time to blow the vent out than it would to use the lint brush to clean it, and its a lot more fun to use a power tool like the leaf blower to do this job. Many homeowners think that the best way to maintain a safe and clean crawl space is by having plenty of venting throughout the area. If there are any smokers, people with any allergies, if you have pets and so on, it is better to carry on with the process of cleaning the entire house very often as this can be considered as the only remedy in keeping you in the best of the health. So, your entire space is now very, very wet. So, how does condensation and relative humidity increase in the space? So, let’s look at an example of a typical hot and muggy day in South Carolina of about 90 degrees with 75 percent relative humidity. The once 75 percent relative humidity is now 123 percent.

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Once the relative humidity is raised above 100 percent, the dew point, the excess humidity is then released in the form of condensation. In fact, if it weren’t for the condensation and high relative humidity, many of the issues would go away. Relative humidity, says Janesky, defines how much water is in the air compared to the amount of water the air is actually capable of holding at a specific temperature. Larry Janesky, the owner and founder of the internationally recognized Basement Systems, Inc. network as well as CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System- venting worsens the environment. Humidity levels within the crawl space and house are more uniform from season to season, creating less movement of hardwood floors, interior wood trim and cabinetry,” said DeWitt. What Does This Increase in Relative Humidity Mean? If clothes seem to need more drying time, this might mean the lint screen or exhaust duct is blocked.

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You might be wondering on the time interval during which you should carry on with the process of cleaning and it mainly depends on the inmates living in the house. Definitely not and this is mainly because of the number of people who are living in the house. Contrary to what many people think, you should always avoid using a PVC pipe in a dryer vent. Some people may not understand how important it is to keep the vent hose of their dryer free from lint. Problems often start in the hose just like in most appliances. Some problems of a washing machine may require electrical, physical, or dryer vent cleaning services. You will need a vacuum blower and energy drill plus instructions how for the job effectively and securely.Or, for any couple of dollars more, it can save you some time and headache by employing an expert dryer vents cleaning plan to do the dirty meet your needs.

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An expert will inspect your dryer and properly clean out all debris that is causing the blockage. As a vapor barrier works hard to limit the moisture in your crawl space, you should also consider having a repair expert to encapsulate the space and close the vents. The most important step in detecting dryer vent problems is to pay close attention on how washing machine, specifically the dryer, works. However, some households fail to pay attention to maintain a washing machine and its components, such as the dryer. However, many homeowners and maybe even builders alike don’t realize that venting is actually not all that beneficial- if not detrimental. Many homeowners are unaware of the influence the space has on their overall home environment but, the crawlspace- or basement for that matter- has a huge and vital effect on the home. As many South Carolina homeowners are aware, mold and decay occur a lot more often than necessary. First, it’s dryer, decreasing the likelihood of mold and decay.

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