A critter-proof pond is over 3 feet everywhere and has a raised deck 13″ minimum over the water surrounding the pond. Raccoons cannot swim and catch fish at the same time, and they or the birds will not be able to reach the water. Q I would like to have a koi pond but I live in Michigan and every year ponds and lakes freeze over. Will they survive? A There are fish in those lakes you are talking about: blue gill, bass, sunfish, carp, and they all survive. And guess what? Koi are in the carp family. Koi were originally raised for food in Japan. They would grow rice in the summer and then flood the rice patties and raise koi in the winter, cutting holes in the ice to catch them for food. However, your pond must be 4 ´ to 6 feet deep to ensure the water stays about 40 o the bottom. Turn off the waterfall and bottom drain, draw water from the skimmer to keep the bottom still. Place swimming pool solar blankets over the surface. If your pond is deep enough, you can let it freeze over. However, you need to install a horse tank heater to keep a hole open in the ice to allow any ammonia gas from rotting debris on the bottom to escape. If your pond is less than 4 ´ feet deep, take the koi indoors for the winter and place them in a garage or basement tank. Q Can I keep koi and goldfish together? A Yes, you can. They are both cold water fish and members of the carp family. Most other cold water fish can also swim together, such as shubunkins, rudd, orfe, blue gill, mosquito fish, guppies, sunfish, bass, etc. However, only in deeper ponds where the mean temperature is 65 degrees or less on the bottom for bass, sunfish and blue gill. Q Should my pond have a bottom drain? A First of all, a bottom drain is essential for a healthy pond. However, if it is exposed and the suction is strong enough, turtles or fish can get stuck to it and not be able to get loose. Therefore, two drains should be hooked in series to relieve the pressure between them, just as in a swimming pool. Bottom drains draw falling waste from the fish before it reaches the bottom, keeping it clean. Areas where it does build up can be swept to the drains for easy cleaning. If you are using a submersible pump or pulling the water from a skimmer, water is not circulating properly on the bottom of the pond. That is where rotting debris is producing ammonia and other toxic gases. Q My pond water is very clear, but my fish are dying. What is wrong? A Drinking water might taste good, smell good, and look clear. But some of the most toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer are colorless, odorless and tasteless. I recommend that you purchase a test kit form a pond store and check your water regularly. Nitrates, nitrite and ammonia are all detrimental to fish. Ammonia and nitrite can, at high levels, be fatal to fish. These substances are dissolved in the water and consequently are impossible to detect by the clarity of the water and they can break down the fishes’ immune system. Q What type of filter do you recommend?A For any pond over 1000 gallons, I recommend a pressurized biological bead filter that can be back washed. I have used Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II filters for years. Most larger pond suppliers carry them. Their filters range from 1000 gallons to 10,000 gallons. Up-flow and gravity flow filters require regular cleaning, which is a filthy job. The filter media is packed with stinky, putrid fish waste and decaying pond scum. As you handle the filter screens, media, scrubbers, etc., you will have little white feces-eating worms that are 1/16″ long crawling on your hands and arms.

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Also if the pond is constructed of 3500 psi concrete and coated with Thoro-seal T.M., it is impossible for alkali to leach out. Make certain all children and non-target animals are out of the area prior to utilizing a gasser. Utilize a trowel to dig a tiny hole right into the pile or passage to insert the gasser cartridge. The excess water softens the ground, really making it much easier for them to dig. They have short, fine fur that does not cake with mud when they dig through soft, moist earth. Gophers are a common complaint, so they will no doubt already have a means in place for this sort of problem. If you have close next-door neighbors, you can presume where the rodents might relocate next. This gives you the possibility to intend your landscaping in such a way that can help drive away gophers naturally. Poison-free way to drive away moles, gophers, and voles. How do you get rid of moles and voles?

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Live traps (as well as poisonous substance traps, which are described listed below) are non-labor-intensive ways to effectively get rid of a gopher from your lawn. Besides being just one of the least involved techniques, capturing also rates as one of the most reliable ways to get rid of gophers or other rodent intruders. This will push the gophers away from the resource and also out. Sonice gopher repellent form X-PEST will emit sonic pulses 4 seconds in every 30 seconds, this sonic pulses will make gophers feel noisy and bored, then try to escape from the misery life. One or two days later on, location extra repellent in burrows even more out- and closer to your preferred exit factor at the far edge of your backyard. For a similar way gentle elimination method, take into consideration sending the gophers packing on their own making use of repellent. Make use of the above-mentioned gopher mesh to produce obstacles around yards, your grass or your whole backyard. You can also construct raised garden beds and also produce a barrier with gopher mesh on the ground before adding potting dirt.

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Such a device, situated at ground level, creates vibrations small enough for humans to miss but big enough to annoy small pests. Moles create two different types of runways (tunnels): subsurface runways and deep runways. When a gopher has been captured, you will certainly require to load the tunnels and also fix the openings to prevent brand-new gophers from moving right into their abandoned burrows. One way to rid yourself of gophers and not kill them in the process is by flushing out their tunnels with a water hose. Gophers might likewise be shut off by pet dog waste or fish scraps put in their passages if you would certainly favor making use of waste you carry hand. Look around for smoke leaving from any kind of location and also use the gathered materials to cover if required. Make use of the collected material to secure any various other mounds or openings near the target mound or tunnel.

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These are usually placed just inside a tunnel opening. Trees appear to be dying of thirst because they are. There goes the garden, the landscaping, and the trees. A lot of house owners want to fend off gophers since they are killing their grass or plants, however, there are some plants that gophers do not such as. There are many devices used to control pest infestation. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Gassing gopher passages can work well if you know where the active passages are developed and also the tunnels, as well as mounds, are not under structures. You can buy the ice at store that is authorized to sell ice and other food supplies. We also offer expert coaching services for a fee, so you can do the job yourself. Then, location castor oil pellets, peppermint oil, or fabric conditioner sheets in the burrows closest your residence to start.

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